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David & Melissa Hill

Over the past 30 years David and Melissa have served as urban missionaries in urban centers across the country such as Chicago, Atlanta, Jackson MS, and their home Houston Tx. They are both graduates of Texas Southern University and have always had a passion and commitment to improving the lives of people in the Greater Third ward Community. Their passion for the community eventually became a call and commitment for them to remain in a community that others sought to flee because of its many challenges such as high crime rates, gang violence, teenage pregnancy and poor schools to name just a few. However, David and Melissa with a grounded faith felt the call to live and raise their four children in the very neighborhood they were called to serve. Having lived and served in the community over time and establishing grass roots partnerships they have become acutely aware of the needs and unique challenges of the community. Restoration Community Development Cooperation was created to preserve the history and culture of the greater community as well as address  two of the community’s greatest challenges, Health and Wellness and the Restoration of fatherhood.



Providing residents with the information and skills they need to make healthier life decisions


Offering the resources and tools to our community that help residents apply the health skills they learn.


Our heart is to serve our neighbors and those around us with humility and love


Melissa Hill

Executive Director

Faithful servant of Christ, devoted wife and compassionate mom are just a few words to describe the character and heart of Melissa Hill. A New Orleans native, and a resident of Houston Texas since 1983, Melissa’s passion for humanity is certainly a gift from The Lord! She attended Jack Yates Senior High School in Houston’s inner-city known as Third Ward. After graduating from Jack Yates Senior High School, Melissa continued her education at Texas Southern University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) degree in social work.
Shortly after graduating from Texas Southern University, Melissa married the love of her life, Pastor David Hill of Restoration Community Church. They are the proud parents of 4 children: Asni, David, Journey, and Grace Hill. Being the dedicated mother that she is, Melissa selflessly dedicated 17 years of her life as her children home-school teacher.  In addition to raising a beautiful family, Melissa has partnered with her husband of 25 years, in Urban Ministry across the country. They’ve helped established ministries in Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia, and Jackson Mississippi.
  Her love for people has paved the way for her to work in various ministries as a Women’s Minister with Agape Development and Home Instructions for Parents of
Preschool Youngsters (H.I.P.P.Y.) Parent Coordinator. Currently Melissa serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry with Restoration Community Church, and the
Executive Director here at Restoration Community Development Corporation (RCDC).

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